Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Teachers Seminar in Buea

Greetings from Cameroon once again! What a productive, tiring but fun few weeks it has been!

Madam Magdeline, the Inspector of Basic Education came to our school to see how things were being run. She was impressed with the teaching style as well as the student's performance in our school. She then asked me to teach at the Head Teachers Seminar in Buea which then opened up more opportunities...

It was exciting to be part of the Teacher's Seminar in Buea for the first time. I look forward to participating in the next programs.
The first program was just for the head teachers in Buea. Head teachers fill the role principals would fill in the States.
It was a great opportunity to make good contacts.
Emmanuel and Hannah were happy to help with my demonstrations.
We were also given delicious food!
I learned a lot from listening to some of the other teachers as well.
Madam Magdeline and the head teachers were encouraged by the lesson I taught. They asked me to teach at 4 zonal teacher's seminars 2 weeks later.

I shared with them some elements of success for teaching reading phonetically, using the 5 senses during your lessons, assessing the students, having manageable class sizes and so forth. Many teachers were impressed when Emmanuel (6 years old) could pick up a Bible and read any chosen verse smoothly. 
They loved volunteering and watching the old smell and taste test. :)

We are so thankful to God for the many opportunities He has given us to serve in Cameroon and teaching at this particular seminar was definitely one of them. I exchanged numbers with many teachers, there were many who were interested in the ministry, I was asked to be part of future educational programs and more. Please pray that we can continue to use open doors to shine brightly for Him!

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