Saturday, 11 April 2015

A Mission in Menji

The last weekend in March, I was invited to speak at a revival in the town of Menji, in the remote district of Lebialem. Heading out on a Thursday, I took a taxi to the bus station here in Buea, and then a bus to Dschang, in the West province of Cameroon.
Dschang is up in the mountains of Cameroon. Leaving Buea, one descends Mount Cameroon towards Douala, and then climbs up again from sea-level back up to about 4,500 feet. It really is beautiful, rugged countryside. 
Little work has been done with the church of Christ in Lebialem, partially because it is a very isolated area. The district lies on slopes of the mountains, with part of it being below 500 feet in elevation, and other parts almost 4000 feet of elevation. Going from Dschang to Menji, I joined a small 1996 Toyota Tercel 4 wheel drive station wagon. I asked to get the front seat, as I am a big guy, and was told that that would mean I would have to pay 3 places... as usually there are 4 people in the front and 5 in the back! 
Arriving in Menji, I was pleased to get a room in a local hotel where I could stay for the 2 nights I was there. There was running water and electricity, which I was impressed to see!
During the day, I had a chance to go out into the village to share with people from the Scriptures. I had a chance to talk to two- an elderly gentleman and a high school student. Pray for the seed that was sown. 
Public preaching was held at the football field. The topic I was given was "Identifying the Church of the New Testament." Briefly, the 9 identifiers that I gave were;
1- The church of the New Testament is the Church that belongs to Christ, as He built His church.
2- Christ is the Head of the church, and as such directs its movement.
3- The Church is to make us like the Head, who is Christ. The purpose of the Church's activity and organization is to build up the body of Christ to help us attain to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 4:13)
4-His Spirit is to fill the Church and produce unexplainable character.

 5- Christ alone adds one to the Church, and He knows those who are His. 
6- The Body of Christ will be united, not factious and divisive, but of one mind and one Spirit.
7- The Church that is Christ's will have the Faith that is Christ's.
8- Christ's love will fill His Church.
9- The Lord's Church will be on the Lord's Mission. 
Saturday morning, I was up early and headed back home. The rolling hills and steep valleys were trully beautiful. 
My Ride back to Dschang. These little Toyota Tercels are beasts! The road was one of the worst roads I've been on in Cameroon, and it handled it admirably. Honestly, I don't think I could have driven like the drivers of that area. They really should enter a rally-car competition. 

It had been raining most of the time I was in the village, so we slipped and slid on our way back, but finally made it. I thank God for the opportunity to preach His word, believing that it is in fact living and active and will not go forth without accomplishing His work. Thanks for your prayers as we continue to find ways to reach out and share! 

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