Friday, 26 December 2014

Thankful for the Thomases!

2014 has been a wonderful year for our family. One thing we are especially grateful for is all the visitors that we have been able to have to our home. Sharing our home with others and having an opportunity for others to participate in our work is indeed a blessing. The end of November, we were excited to welcome back to Cameroon, for their 3rd visit, Brittney's folks Rhys and Sharon Thomas. 

Our kids were super excited to have Grandma and Grandpa come and visit, as they hadn't seen them in over a year.

We were happy to share our home with Mom and Dad... every time they have come, we've stayed somewhere different. We always enjoy their visits, and really like picking their brains for ideas and bouncing our ideas off them. The counsel of Godly Christian saints is priceless.

Sharing a meal with George and Frederick. Everyone was excited to have them to Cameroon. 

Sharon had an opportunity to use her experience as an RN to teach some health classes for our gym ladies. They really appreciated the useful information.

Grandma Sharon also did a great job doing story time every day for the school kids. She is a gifted teacher and communicator and really connected with the kids imaginations.

Dad Rhys had many opportunities to teach the Word of God. Here he is teaching the Wednesday night Bible Study in Ekona.
Dad Rhys did a ton of teaching while in Cameroon. In addition to his class at Ekona, he taught at Mile 16, Muea, and taught around 20 hours at one of the Bible schools in Buea. He was quite busy but enjoys studying and sharing the Word of God, and did a great job despite cultural and educational differences. 

A highlight of their visit: Kate was immersed into Christ! More on that next in our next blogpost... 

Our friends the Takem's welcomed a beautiful baby boy while Mom and Dad Thomas were in Cameroon, and we were glad to share with them in their joy. 
Thanksgiving! We had a lovely meal together on thanksgiving... Brittney and Mom Sharon really outdid themselves with a wonderful feast. We were even able to have a delicious turkey that we got in Douala. An attitude of gratitude and heart of thankfulness is key to the Christian's walk. At this time of year, we are so grateful for you all, and the blessings you bring to our life, the encouragement, the prayers, and the support to keep doing what we are doing! Thank you!

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