Monday, 4 August 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Carys!

Our Carys Faith Hostetter turnd 1 on August 2nd! My has time flown! Here are a few fun facts about our sweet little girl:

- Carys was our only baby born in the States (due to complications) and at a "real" hospital.
- She shares her birthday with 2 other cousins (same day, diff year) and all 3 of them are 3rd born. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY HADASSAH AND NILE!)
- Carys may be the baby of the family but she can hold her own and she even growls at people... literally. It's so funny!
- She is also a very happy baby who smiles a lot. She is SO much fun and has quite the personality already!
- She is our only thumb sucker and I think it's cute.
- She likes singing aaaaaaaaaaaaa. (Hannah used to sing eeeeeeeee.
- Her favorite food is avocado but sucking on chicken bones is a close 2nd.
- Her name, Carys, is Greek for Grace and Welsh for Love and her middle name is Faith, both after my dad.

- She has 11 teeth now!

 Here are some pictures from her birthday:

Carys in her new dress from Hannah. Hannah worked hard for the 2,000cfa (about $4) she used to buy this dress for her sister.

I was going to make a decorated fondant cake but we decided we would go for a simple chocolate cake with CREAM CHEESE icing this time. It was yummy!

Some friends came over for fun, games, cake, and popcorn!

Balloon fight!

Happy Birthday Carys Faith! I love you with all my heart and we thank God for blessing us with such an amazing little girl!


  1. So precious. Such a beautiful family you have. I just came over from Attah's blog and thought I would check on you all. God Bless.