Wednesday, 2 April 2014

God is Able and Abel is Too!

I am always on the lookout for people who are interested in what the Bible has to say. Since being in Cameroon, I've been blessed to have Bible studies with a number of guys, however, none has been more encouraging or exciting than Abel. Abel showed up one day at my gate, asking if he could share the Word of God with me. I said yes, and pretty soon, it turned out that I was sharing the Word of God with him. 

We've studied many things from the Scripture, including How to Study the Bible, Studies in the Book of I Timothy, Proof that the Bible is the Word of God, and recently, God's Plan of Salvation. Abel has always been excited to study and has always been open to ask questions when he didn't understand. 

Abel and his brothers live alone and support themselves by farming, something which pays very little. He once brought us a bag of yams as a way of saying thank you for the studies, which he could have sold for about a week's pay. From time to time, he has helped us out with odd jobs as well. He helped crack a HUGE stone in the backyard of our new house. 

George and Abel have become good friends. Here Abel was helping us set up for our New Years' Party.

In addition to our personal Bible studies, Abel has been a part of youth group Bible studies, programs in our house, gym workouts, and more. He has learned from what I have taught, but also from watching our lives and our family. 

Two weeks ago, Abel and I studied the topic of Baptism...its meaning, significance and importance. Abel was challenged by what we studied, and told me he had been thinking about it for a while. I told him to take his time, study some scriptures I shared with him, and pray about it then make a thoughtful decision. Last Saturday, he made that decision. He called me up and said he had decided that he wanted to be immersed into Christ. We went down to a stream near Buea, (where people often wash cars) and instead washed some sins away! It was an incredibly encouraging and exciting thing to see. Join me in thanking God, and also in praying for Abel, as this is just a first step of many that he will need to continue to make in His Christian walk. 

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  1. Will like to meet Abel one day. He seems to be one of those truth-seekers we're looking for. How exciting! Good job to you too.