Monday, 9 July 2012

Fungi, moss and mold, oh my!

 When you live in one of the most damp and wet places on earth, everything and anything grows... anywhere. It's amazing to see the virulence of the mosses, fungi and molds here. Mold especially is a problem- anywhere that is damp, dark, and doesn't get enough light and warmth grows mold in a matter of days. It makes me think of sin- it thrives in the dark, it thrives away from the light of Christ. The best treatment for mold seems to be exposure to sunlight- and the best treatment for our sin is exposure to the Son's Light. Let's bring the world that Light.

And on a humorous note, here are pictures and a poem from a friend of ours about the many multitudes of mold in Buea. Enjoy! :D

This lamp in our room is covered with mold. We should leave it turned on more often.
This tree looks like it has leprosy.
This is a friends bathroom sink- she cleaned it a week ago.
This is mold that Hannah found under our dining room chair.

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Dr. Seuss and, obviously, get no financial benefits.

A/N: This poem is a parody based on his popular verse One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

MOLD, by Trixy Franke,

Small mold big mold green mold blue mold
Black mold orange mold old mold new mold

Some are pink and some are brown. Some are up and some are down.
Some are plaid and some are rad. And some are very, very bad.

Why are they plaid and rad and bad? I don't know. Go ask your dad.
Some are fluffy and some are slimy. Slimy one appears quite grimy.

From there to here, from here to there, creepy molds everywhere.
Here are some who grow on socks. They grow below on the wet, wet rocks.

Oh me! Oh my!
Oh me! Oh my!
Too many fungi meet the eye.

Some have long hair and some have short.
Some have fuzz and some have a wart.
Where do they grow from?

I can’t say.
But I bet it's not so very far away.

We see them come.
We wish they'd go.

Some grow fast.
And some grow slow.

Some grow high.
And some grow low

Not one of them is like another.
Don't ask us why.
Go ask your mother.
We've had this pillow for a month before mold started overtaking it. If you come to visit us we will get you a different pillow.
My favorite backpack has started to mold.
This okra was fine and fresh 2 days before this pic was taken.

These doggy bones were molded when my friend opened the box.

Moldy walls and ceilings are common in Buea.

2 weeks ago a beautiful flower was in this jar.
Moldy table cloth.

Mold and fungi is taking over this wall.
Pretty fungi on a leaf.
Mold growing inside my friends cabinet.
Another pic of pretty fungi.


  1. Awesome write up and pictures! Thank you, Jeremiah, for helping! I'm happy to see the spiritual lesson you drew from this topic. Thanks!

  2. This is a reply my friend wrote but wasn't able to post to the blog somehow. Super clever!

    Small mold,
    Big mold,
    Green mold
    You say!

    All types of mold
    Seem here to stay.


    Although, alas, it's very clear
    Your mold won't simply disappear
    (It's happy in your homes, I fear.)
    You don't despair and lose good cheer
    You smile and shrug and persevere


    And when the fungal scourge gets worse,
    You turn vexation into verse!


    It clearly isn't nice to see
    A furry mess where food should be,
    And pillows which are blue and checked
    Should not be damp and mold bedecked


    And yet, you ladies turn this round
    And know that lessons can be found
    In things which usually annoy
    As well as those which bring us joy


    You understand God's warmth and light
    Will ultimately put things right,
    And even mold can cause delight,
    For all things matter in His sight,


    So, treat mold optimistically,
    Good luck,
    God bless,


    Mrs P

  3. Lovin' what I read here...I need to spice up my blog with MORE pics and more POEMS. My poetry made a reappearance in my prayer journal this morning & that's a start=)