Saturday, 7 April 2012

To the Bush and Back.

Praise God we are home safely from our trip to the village of Ntenako in the Mamfe area of Cameroon. To get there Jeremiah drove 2 hours on a nice paved road and then another 5 hours on a terrible dirt road. It reminded me of Jacob wrestling with the angel all night, Jeremiah wrestled with the car all day. lol! And why?! To show the love of Christ and share His Word. We have been studying with the Takem family for over 2 months now and Fredrick, the husband/father, wanted us to visit his village to share the Word, meet his relatives, and show us where he grew up. Despite the bumpy roads, getting eaten by mosquitoes, melting in the heat with no electricity, we had a great, productive and even fun week in the village. :) Now I will let some pictures do the talking:
One of the bridges that the Germans built during the colonial days.
A bridge that the Cameroonians built about 5 years ago.
The crew that went to Mamfe. Fredrick is on the far right.
A house in the village made of mud with a layer of concrete on top.

Jeremiah preaching to the villagers about the importance of relying on the Bible.
Jonathan loved village life.

A beautiful, precious soul.

Brittney reading Bible stories to some of the village kids.

A hunter and his meat...anyone know what kind of animal this is??

A boy climbing up the palm tree to get some coconuts for us.
Fredrick's aunt working on the farm.

Hannah teaching the kids how to play duck duck goose.

An old German walking bridge.
A picture of the river from the middle of the bridge.
A boy coming from the farm with mangos on his head.
A lot of the village kids work on the farm rather than going to school.

A motorcycle carrying a motorcycle.

Our bath and toilet area.

A pineapple growing on the farm.

One of the village kitchens.

Some of Fredrick's family we were able to share the Word with.

 We are thankful for the opportunity that we had to sow some seeds in this village. Lord willing we will be able to follow up and see growth. Perhaps Fredrick will become a Christian and go back to his village and preach to his people...maybe we will have to wait for his son to do so. It's exciting to think about what God is going to do with the seed He has given us to sow.

In Christ,
The Happy Hostetters


  1. Great! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Beautiful photography. The Lord has blessed you with a very fertile field. We love you guys!

  3. I think the hunter has a meerkat (one of my favorite animals). Thanks so much for these updates! They're very encouraging and inspiring for me. Keeping you guys in our prayers always.

  4. Wonderful! we pray the seeds you're sowing yields 100 folds! God be with you all