Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Daughters of Dorcas

     I always enjoy having the Daughters of Dorcas meetings with a group of  young ladies that want to please God. It's a time to talk about how women can glorify God, learn how to bake or cook new things, talk about appropriate dressing, how to encourage others, tea parties, sleep overs, sowing, helping other families and so forth. Our last meeting the young ladies had the oppurunity to listen to Laura Judd, 20, as she was our guest speaker.

     Laura talked with the ladies about the 5 love languages. It was really neat because she un-intentionally showed us the 5 love languages in the meeting by giving us hugs (touch). She gave us pencils and cards (gifts). Then she spent time with us talking about the different qualities of ladies (quality time.) She said encouraging things about the young ladies (words of affirmation). And she washed our feet with a sweet smelling soap of our choice (acts of service). We thank you Laura for your encouragement and good example.

     Laura also talked about and had the young ladies talk about a few women they look up to. Most of the ladies said they look up to their mom's! What a wonderful thing it is to have your children rise up and call you blessed! Proverbs 31. Who do you look up to? :-)

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